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Life beyond the horizon seems promising. My wish


Unexploited talent in Remand-Poem


Nimezunguka duniani pakutulia sijapata
Mama na baba mnieleze makao yetu ni wapi
Duniani mnaishi dhambi vitani na mauti
Mbona tunapenda anasa kuliko mungu muumba?

Duniani mnamashaka matukio na vioja
Wanadamu wanauwawa kwa kutolewa kafara
Watoto wanauwawa kwa kubakwa na mibaba
Mbona tunapenda anasa kuliko mungu muumba?

Lawama kwenu enyi walimu kwa kutofunza tabia njema
Siku mola atarudi mzigo basi mtabeba
Jukumu lenyu mmesahau mnachongoja ni mshahara
Mbona tunapenda anasa kuliko mungu muumba?

Nanyi waubiri kanisani panda mbegu ndio kazi
Kondoo wa mungu mnawatawanya wengine mnawala
Jamani msipochunga mtakuwa ngazi zetu
Mbona tunapenda anasa kuliko mungu muumba?

Ninapo keti na kuwaza machozi yanidondoka
Wapendwa tumepotea kwa kupenda zetu anasa
Nyakati za mwisho zimefika utavuna ulicho panda
Mbona tunapenda anasa kuliko mungu muumba?

Siku hizi kila myu anawaza kuwa tajiri
Iluminati wameingia uporaji pia ni njia
Ukiuliza wachofanya jibu lake unapewa (we want to live legacy)
Mbona tunapenda anasa kuliko mungu muumba?

Ongola kituoni nimefika niliyonena yametosha
Sitaki kunena mengi tusije tukalizana
Kwani mbiu ya mgambo ikilia lazima kunajambo
Swali langu nauliza mbona twapenda anasa?

By: Getrude Kaluhi,
Kisumu Children’s Remand Home.

Speaking is a therapy!

Sometimes life loses its meaning when you find out that the people you trusted and whom you’ve have been there for hawakuthamini tena. Not because of anything else but because I said NIKO DOWN NISAVE KIASI…This statement alone has landed my number to peoples’ blacklist, no reply numbers and to some saved MPESA…who will be my rescue…?!! Sometimes the situation can be hard yes! But you don’t need to do this… a response is enough, that’s a therapy. My heart is bleeding today; my brain nerves are turgid today… God help me. Thanks to everyone who made me love my life.

Hear our plea!

Boy child is and was considered to be of great value and important custodian of the community assets. The discernment that boys were naturally intelligent of which ruled out the idea that he must be assisted in solving his and the community problems. This was basically in African context. Decision making was solely based on the boy child point of view.
What happened? What are the causes of our fall? Do we still hold the outdated perception? Who bewitched us?
The whole idea has greatly turned out of our favor. We are at the end of the road, we have no alternative. We’ve embark on criminal activities, betting and illegal businesses so that we may struggle with our survival. For instance, if you scan the environment most initiatives undertaken by both government and private sectors are in favor of women and children. Perhaps this is the main cause of our miseries. Am not refuting the fact that girl child place afore was greatly undermined but how on earth do we balance an equation by multiplying one side by zero! This won’t assist us achieve equality and equity. How I wish Albert Einstein would be around to attest to this.